Summer University Reboot

Sviatlana Viarbitskaya

Thinking Together in the Dark Times

24-25 August

Two sessions of sharing experiences and knowledge. 

Day1 - Subjective histories of responsibilityAn invitation to share personal encounters with the meaning of responsibility as/of a human being.

What is the price to pay for being raised apolitical and having only a relation to history in so far as this history lives almost exclusively in one’s unconsciousness? Being unable to write your own history. Finding out one day that a silent ahistorical and apolitical existence is at least homological with the life of a carrier of the most oppressive and destructive society. Being unable to define yourself as a kind of responsibility. “Human being is responsibility” said Lewis Gordon - a scholar of France Fanon. ”What human being if not a responsibility” reads in the facebook communications with Ukrainian artists and philosophers after the war broke out. Responsibility, have you understood it? 

Day2- A hopefully objective history of responsibility

An invitation to share resources and research on the notion of human responsibility. Trying to put personal experiences on somewhat “objective” legs, engage in name dropping and gather ideas. Maybe a reading session. Maybe a meeting with artists and philosophers working with the notion of responsibility. The individuals interested in contributing (presentations of ideas, sharing texts etc) are welcome to get in contact (sviatlana dot viarbitskaya at gmail com).